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remorquage de camion lourd Québec

remorquage de camion lourd Québec

The company RENE BERTRAND GARAGE INC has several handling equipment. Each of these machines is a specific job in a major accident. The small lift truck is used for a transfill semi-trailer to another. The "boom" telescoping 4x4 is used on rollovers "valve 53 feet." Its low height and telescopic mast did an outstanding job. Even the semi-trailer rolled onto its side, 4x4 moves regardless of the target position. The TH-210 Caterpillar can also load content in such semitrailer high as 13 feet 6 inches. This vehicle can even repair the land with his bucket. Often the wheel loader "loader" is often used to clear snow from trucks in the scenery. If the cargo is heavy overturned the "loader" can lift large loads up to 15,000 lbs. Finally do not forget that our machinery is transported by our trucks can transport any destination.

Call 418.876.2215 or toll free 1.888.595.2215


Unit CP-35

2011 LIFT CAT CP-35
Capacity 3500 lbs
- Forck 6 foot
camion tracteur de van fadier flat-bed génératrice à Québec

Unit TH-210

2005 LIFT 4x4 TH-210
Capacity 5000 lbs
- Forck 8 foot
- Log clame
- Small bucket
- Large bucket
camion tracteur de van fadier flat-bed génératrice à Québec

Unit WA-250

Capacity 15000 lbs
- Forck 8 foot
- Large bucket
- Snow Plow 10 "wide
camion tracteur de van fadier flat-bed génératrice à Québec

For handling accident during heavy truck is towing Bertrand.

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