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Neuville ( Québec ) G0A 2R0

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remorquage de camion lourd Québec

remorquage de camion lourd Québec

Garage Rene Bertrand offers the service of heavy duty towing in the region of Quebec and Levis. By subsidiaries Tow Bertrand and Levis we can help. Our heavy tow trucks were configured to be able to move heavy vehicles, but the ability of our equipment does have some limitations. We ensure that safe travel is optimal. We also ask the client to provide us with resources to ensure the safe movement. If you have any questions about it
contact us.

Call 418.876.2215 or toll free 1.888.595.2215

Remorquage automobile à Québec
All towing EXTRA HEAVY are reviewed by our team to ensure safety. We work with the client to this de-mand
service. These applications are only for vehicles in breakdowns or accidents. Then this service will be done in the shortest possible distance to a repair garage.


Remorquage de grue Québec

Remorquage pompe à béton
Remorquage de niveleuse ou grader
Remorquage pompe à béton
Remorquage d'une grue

Remorquage pompe à béton Québec

Dépanneuse lourd grosse remorque à Québec
Dépanneuse lourd grosse remorque à Québec

Towing extra heavy trucks in Quebec City and Lévis
it's Remorquage Bertrand and Remorquage Lévis.

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Proud partners in your requests for services in the region of Quebec, in Canada and the United States.

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